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We at Seven Bucks never miss a deadline and have a record time in turnaround projects.
Our designs and guaranteed and without any mistakes.

Why choose us ?

EXTRA ADD ON'S FOR our clients

Good news for landscape architecture, landscape companies and wholesale suppliers. Seven Bucks Irrigation services team is here to help you gain more business opportunities.

We at Seven Bucks Irrigation Design Services Private Limited stand with Honesty, Integrity and World Class Service. When we take on a project we keep communication channels open 24×7.

Guaranteed accuracy in takeoff plans with specifications and project details for irrigation, landscape lighting and everything else that is required

Our skilled and experienced team prepares complete design for bidding purposes which includes point of connection, sleeving, mainline and head layout with a takeoff and materials list.

Seven bucks is a master at measuring oddly shaped areas. We guarantee the accuracy of listing material quantities even for curved spaces.

Seven bucks can give you super fast takeoffs. It can help you bid more work in less time.

Seven bucks autocount tool is able to search for and quantify plan symbols at a real quick pace.

Seven bucks is able to import your bill of quantities directly from Excel spreadsheet, thus eliminating any typing errors and saving your time.

Seven bucks performs detailed item calculations for your landscaping project

Seven bucks helps you set up different rates for your different operating regions, centralises your bid data and helps you in reporting.

Seven bucks creates quote templates in Ms word and automatically exports your estimate data to these templates. This helps you present professionally presented quotes to your clients.

We work on site Google map images as well.We follow our project clouding process and extend technical support to our clients throughout the duration of the project.

When into a project we are capable of quick revisions and job turnaround.

We provide value engineering jobs and our designs assure a good margin for contractors.

Seven bucks irrigation has a strong reputation among our clients as a company that excels in creating designs, with attention to detail.
We never compromise on quality and quantity and we guarantee that compared to the market, the rates of our services are unbeatable.
Over the last ten years we have successfully served over a 100 clients in U.S., Canada, U.K., and U.A.E.

We believe in saving resources, both manpower (human) as well as water (natural). We help you to cut down on construction take off as well as overall estimating time thus giving more economical project estimates.

Do contact us to view our unique detailed work and let us demonstrate to you just how well we can compliment your companies profile.

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General Enquiry: info@sevenbucksirrigation.com
Project Services: estimating@sevenbucksirrigation.com

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