Muzaffar Masudi

Managing director

Muzaffar is the quintessential leader of the Seven Bucks team. Inspiring everyone with his own passion and hard work, he always has a kind word for every team member.
Muzaffar has vast experience in designing and installing complex irrigation systems and in providing technical irrigation support.
From working in a variety of positions, including installation, service, project manager and sales, Muzaffar has a vast knowledge of the irrigation business.
Muzaffar is Seven Bucks major project manager, meeting with homeowners and contractors. He oversees the installation of projects and instructs customers how to operate their sprinkler systems.
He particularly enjoys working with customers, designing new systems, implementing upgrades, and generally doing what he can to exceed customer expectations. Muzaffar has taken several courses in fundamental and advanced irrigation design.
He loves hiking, camping, gardening and all things outdoors, Muzaffar also has a passion for business and public relations.

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